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Faret Group starts construction in 2020

2020-02-22 14:02:49

?Start of construction and work together to prevent and control the epidemic

Members of the Faret Group take a temperature test before entering the factory

Faret Group Epidemic Prevention and Control Working Group

The Faret Group officially resumed work on February 10, and did all the epidemic prevention work before returning to work. All employees must wear masks, measure body temperature, and disinfect hands. The epidemic prevention-related steps must be carried out properly, and the supervisors of the production workshops (re-checking the personnel's area) once again announced the company's epidemic prevention and requirements, and required employees to perform their own personal epidemic prevention and disinfection in each area of the factory.

The Faret Group started construction, and everyone worked hard to prevent and control the epidemic! The Group actively implements emergency deployment for the prevention and control of the Party Central Committee, Provincial Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, proactively protects against the epidemic situation, publicizes employees and family members to scientifically understand the epidemic situation, disinfects and wash hands frequently, and provides protection such as masks to ensure the safety and health of employees. Employees and family members eliminate panic emotions, do not make rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, firmly believe in the confidence and determination to overcome the epidemic, and work hard to win the battle against the new coronavirus epidemic!

In order to effectively implement the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection and prevent the spread of the epidemic, the Faret Group has set up an epidemic prevention and control working group to ensure that the prevention and control work has plans and measures to effectively prevent the outbreak and ensure the life of all employees Safety and good health!

While taking the initiative to protect the epidemic, the Faret Group takes measures in combination with the actual production and operation to fight the epidemic prevention and control and prevent the normal resumption of production. In the hands of every customer friend!

Faret POLAR will, as always, cast quality with ingenuity, and achieve professionalism with concentration! Sincerely hope that in 2020 Faret will work with you to achieve lofty goals and pursue excellence! Looking forward to working with you to win together 2020!

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