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Faret quality documentary "King of the Water Tank" CCTV broadcast trailer

2020-02-22 14:02:50

 Dedication, prevention and control

Concentrated, prevent and control the epidemic! Faret Group actively implements the emergency deployment of the Party Central Committee, Provincial Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for prevention and control, proactively protects against the epidemic situation, publicizes employees and family members to scientifically understand the epidemic situation, disinfects and cleans hands frequently, and provides protection such as masks to ensure employees' safety and health To guide employees and family members to eliminate panic, not to make rumors, believe rumors, not to spread rumors, to strengthen the confidence and determination to overcome the epidemic, and to win the battle against the new type of coronavirus!Formal Group resumes work on February 10, 2020Faret POLAR will, as always, cast quality with ingenuity, and achieve professionalism with concentration!

Quality section into Faret broadcast trailer

In the 20 years of spring and winter, Faret has always insisted on quality first, and is committed to providing the world's automotive industry with the best quality thermal management system. The "Quality" column went into the automotive radiator industry and into Faret, and felt the feralans' enthusiasm for the water tank.

"Quality" King of Water Tank

Will air on CCTV-Discovery Channel on February 4

[First broadcast time] Tuesday (February 4): 22:15

[Replay time] Wednesday (February 5): 13:15

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Faret Group has strictly controlled the quality of automotive radiator products for decades, and has won praise from the market with high-quality automotive radiators! After many screenings, investigations, and investigations, he was successfully selected into the "Quality" column with perfect quality management and the original pursuit of radiators.

Won the honorary title of "Quality" column awarding quality selection award ceremony

Faret "King of the Water Tank" (February 4)

Broadcasting platform CCTV-Discovery Journey Channel

Producer | Ding Deyuan

Executive Producer | Fei Liu

Director of Section Group | Zhang Yi Director | Li Zhenyu

Video | Wang Yaolu Editing | Feng Jie

Moderator | Li Yuzheng Editor | Wang Junxia


Planning | Xu Jun Coordination | Li Lianqi

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